Welcome to the TrailCenter Rabenberg!

A very special cycling experience awaits you at the TrailCenter Rabenberg: several kilometers of single trails and four circuits with different difficulty levels form the basis for a lot of selection and driving pleasure. These circuits are marked with signs and are to be seen as tour proposals. Of course, you are free to combine the individual trails with each other as you like. It hardly possible to get lost.

Trailzauber MTB Freeride Enduro Camp

Drei Tage voller Tipps und Hinweisen zur Fahrtechnik und Set Up der Bikes

08. 05. 2015 - 10. 05. 2015

BikeTestival Erzgebirge

Das Test - Event im Erzgebirge!

06. 06. 2015 - 07. 06. 2015

Demodays Radon

Teste die aktuelle Radon Bikes. 

06. 06. 2015 - 07. 06. 2015

Sachsen TrailRun

Das Lauf- Event im TrailCenter Rabenberg!

04. 07. 2015

Demodays Rocky Mountain

Teste die aktuelle Rocky Mountains Bikes. 

12. 09. 2015 - 13. 09. 2015

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