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Biking on our trails and around the marvellous Ore Mountains is quite the adventure. In order to sweeten your prolonged stay with us and in the Ore Mountains, we’ve put together a few interesting tips in and around the area, just for you: you’ll find some great things to do from groups to families.

Sportpark Rabenberg

If you’ve made sport a solid part of your life and are always in motion, the Sportpark Rabenberg is just for you. High-quality sport facilities for the most varied sports await you. Regardless of whether you feel like playing squash or badminton, tackling our beach volleyball or simply doing laps in the swimming pool, there’s more than enough for you to choose from. Here’s a little secret: access to the sport facilities are free of charge for all overnight guests of the Sportpark!.


Abenteuerpark 860

Fun, adrenalin, action, pushing back your limits – this is what awaits you at the Abenteuerpark 860 on the Rabenberg. The highest forest and high rope course in Saxony offers you spectacular exercises as well as fantastic views of the unique landscape of the Ore Mountains.
Five different courses are available to you in the forest rope park with over 60 exercises at various levels of altitude and difficulty guarantee to each her own personal adventure.



The Black Raven Round will take you right by it – one of the nicest via ferratas in the entire Ore Mountains. The 350m long course will take you up roughly 50m further in altitude. It is a relatively easy climb, beautifully located and certainly well-suited for beginners. Lessons and tours are available. At this time, there still is no possibility for leasing equipment.



This is something everybody can do – an exciting treasure hunt all around the Rabenberg. Four multi-cache routes have been caringly set up for you in varying distances and levels of difficulty. From the easier children’s route to the more challenging bike-caching route, everybody gets something out of it. You can borrow GPS devices from the reception of the Sportpark Rabenberg for a 30 € deposit.