The TrailCenter Rabenberg is embedded in the Sportpark Rabenberg, a unique sporting complex with quality accommodation, countless sport facilities and of course a restaurant. Here you can run off that excess energy after a day on the trails or just have a few relaxing laps in the swimming pool. Further activities are offered by the rock climbing wall or Abenteuerpark 860: the neighbouring climbing forest. There are also designated spots for putting up for the night in your tent, caravan or camper.

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Camping on the Rabenberg Mountain

Twelve parcelled parking spaces are available for guests with caravans and campers. All are equipped with power outlets. Further spaces are available on the premises if need be. A small camping ground allows for pitching 10 to 12 tents. A compound houses all of the necessary infrastructure for your stay: kitchen, showers, toilets and a common room. Catering may also be booked separately.


parking spaces: caravans / trailers: 9.00 € / night
pitches for tents: 6.00 € / night
adults: 8,50 € / night
children under 14: 25% discount
children under 8: 50% discount
children under 5: 75% discount
children under 2: free of charge

breakfast: 8.00 € per person
Halbpension: 17.00 € per person
Vollpension: 22.50 € per person

shower: 1.00 € / chip
electricity: 2.00 € / day
fresh water and waste disposal: included

dogs: 2.00 € / day

TrailCenter dayticket: 7,50 €
TrailCenter 2-dayticket: 7,50 €

Versatile – Our Rooms

The Sportpark Rabenberg places a wide variety of accommodation at your disposal. From dorm rooms with showers and toilets in the corridor all the way to exquisite suites equipped with private bathrooms and fully-equipped kitchens. The intermediate choice is a comfortable 3-star bedroom, which you can book as a two-bed, three-bed or double room. For those on a smaller budget, there are also two-bed rooms with shower and toilet in the 2-star area.

A comprehensive and delicious meal is of course part of our deal. The suites additionally allow you to cook something for yourself.


3-star rooms
1st to 2nd night: 48.00 € per person
3rd to 4th night: 36.00 € per person
from the 5th night on: 32.50 € per person

surcharge for single occupancy: 15.00 €

apartment / holiday flat: 120.00 € / day (5 beds maximum)

breakfast: 8.00 € per person
half board: 17.00 € per person
full board: 22.50 € per person 

The TrailCenter ticket is included in the accomodation costs. 


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