Stoneman Miriquidi pure mountain bike emotion

The first and only stoneman trail in Germany: the Stoneman Miriquidi. Two countries, nine summits, 162 km, an elevation gain of 4400m and the TrailCenter Rabenberg right in the middle of it all. Experience varied landscapes, breath-taking sights, cordial people, a magnificent route and many, many meters of trails. The Stoneman Miriquidi is an adventure for every mountain biker and we’re the ideal point of entry.



You can discover the Stoneman spirit in three different flavours:

Gold: You ride the entire course in a single day and make your way all the way to the top – complete with the gold trophy!

Silber: You take a bit more time, namely two days, and get to enjoy more of the landscape and the great food!

Bronze: Three days are perfectly acceptable; you might like to take the odd detour or so and still be rewarded with the bronze trophy.

You may of course take even more time, but of course without a trophy to top it off. Your proof for having completed the course is the card you get at the beginning, which you then get punched at specific stations. You can only get your trophy with your duly punched card. Should you want to go for the gold tour without staying with us overnight, please let us know by telephone or email in advance.  

Starter packs

Basic (no trophy): Stoneman beginner’s card; Stoneman rucksack; lanyard; sticker; one can of Red Bull; Doppelherz magnesium tablets; Ore Mountains transit and sightseeing access card (Erzgebirgscard 48h); Stoneman flyer, Finisher card: 25.00 €

Only: Same content as Basic + Stone (gold, silver or bronze) incl. an extension axle (if you already have a trophy): 29.00 €

Complete: Same content as basic + Trophy incl. Stone (gold, silver or bronze): 39.00 €

The starter packs can be purchased regardless of whether you book one of our accommodations or not.


Stoneman packs

Stoneman Gold: You seek to earn the gold trophy and cover the entire distance in one day? We recommend spending two nights with us, that way, you get a well-rested start and you get to comfortably put up your feet afterwards.

Includes: Two nights’ stay in the room category you book with twice half board, packed lunch and two chocolate bars.

Stoneman Silver: Two days full of adventure. Starting from the Rabenberg, you pass over to the Czech side on your way to Oberwiesenthal. You get to spend the night there in one of the many hotels. On the second day, you get a fresh start on the way back to us.

Stoneman Bronze: The easy-going way to pass the Stoneman. Three days to cover the entire 162km.

For a suitable pack for Silver and Bronze, please refer to the Ore Mountains Tourism Office ( )