Terms and conditions of use

1) General information and code of conduct

While you are on the mountain bike trails of the Trailcenter Rabenberg, you are in a forestry area in which the laws and regulations of the Sachsenforst apply. The importance of the forest for sustainable wood production and hunting, are on equal terms with preserving its natural environment and using it for recreational purposes.

Leaving the marked routes and cycling next to them is strictly prohibited!

Contraventions may result in the withdrawal of the user pass by the facilitator, without compensation, and may be punished as an administrative offense by the respective authority (§ 52 para. 2 No. 1 SächsWaldG).

Sportpark Rabenberg e. V. and its agents are responsible for the maintenance of the MTB tracks. Please mind the signposts at the tracks. Instructions and motivated orders of duly accredited agents of the Sportpark Rabenberg e.V., as well as the employees of the Sachsenforst public enterprise, must be followed.

We are constantly doing our best to maintain all security standards. However, if you should ever notice a lack of security, please call +49 37756 1710 immediately. The tracks are checked for changes and damages at least once a week.

The principle authority of forest maintenance belongs to the Sachsenforst public enterprise. Therefore, it might be necessary to close particular track sections. We inform about closed track sections in our media or at the purchase of the user pass. Users are obliged to inform themselves about closures beforehand. The closed MTB tracks and the duration of the closures are announced on information boards. Diversions of closed sections are signposted along the main routes. 

We emphasize that all MTB routes are terrain courses and therefore require slight (green & blue marking) or expert (black marking) driving skills and technique, as well as a respective mountain bike at perfect technical state.

The use of MTB routes (MTB trails and forest ways) is at everybody's own risk.

Every user agrees to the fact that accidents and damages can happen as a consequence of weather influences even if the routes have been used appropriately.

Every user has to check and estimate the dangers of the tracks, including obstacles, and decide whether he/she can take the challenge.

Sportpark Rabenberg e.V. does not assume liability for any damages caused on users' bikes or equipment as a consequence of driving mistakes or material failure. Sportpark Rabenberg e.V. is only liable for property damage and bodily injury that happened as a consequence of grossly negligent behaviour or deliberate act of the Sportpark Rabenberg e. V..

In case of an accident, the ambulance has to be contacted immediately at the international emergency number 112. Please keep in mind to inform the ambulance staff on which part of the track the accident took place (slope or flat land) and where the wounded person is situated.The numbered road posts serve as orientation points. The ambulance staff has to be guided from the main paths to the place of accident.

Riding the MTB trails is permitted with a CE certified safety helmet only. We highly recommend to use guards and shin protectors for difficult trail sections. Furthermore, we recommend never to ride alone, but with a partner.

Users are always obliged to behave in a way that does not harm or threaten themselves or others.

Safety and mutual consideration have top priority!

Safety and mutual respect means keeping enough safety distance to other riders, riding at a pace that corresponds to the track, sight conditions and individual skills. Slower riders should let faster ones pass by as soon as it is safe to do so. Do not stop at blind spots, and ensure to clear them right away when stopped involuntarily.

Making changes to tracks or obstacles is strictly prohibited.
Besides the terms of use, both the fair play rules of the Sachsenforst public enterprise and the user guidelines of the DIMB apply.


2) Guidelines and regulations on MTB-routes

The MTB-routes of the TrailCenter Rabenberg are divided into
a) route sections, which are exclusively for mountain bikers and require the purchase of a user pass (MTB-Trails) and
(b) route sections, on which the riding of bicycles and mountain bikes is open to anyone (forest paths with sufficient width)

a) Track sections accessible with user pass only (MTB trails)

The Trailcenter Rabenberg MTB tracks are a sport facility of the Sportpark

Rabenberg e.V. that is accessible for all interested persons under the following terms and conditions of use.

Cycling on MTB trails is not a part of the public access right to forests for the purpose of recreation and is facilitated by the Sachsenforst public enterprise, based on a special legitimacy statement concerning the use of forests, in favour of the Sportpark Rabenberg e. V. as responsible operator.

Every user is obliged to purchase a user pass of the Sportpark Rabenberg e. V. before entering the MTB trails. The pass gives permission to use the marked MTB trails for a certain period of time. By purchasing the pass, the user agrees to the terms and conditions of use. Users without a valid pass do not have permission to use the park and will be excluded from further use by representatives of the Sportpark Rabenberg e. V. and the Sachsenforst public enterprise.

For safety reasons, MTB trails are closed for pedestrians and other people seeking recreation according to § 13 para. 1 i.V.m. § 45 para. 6 Saxon forestry law (SächsWaldG).

Nobody is permitted to use the MTB trails from November 1st until March 31st.

Please pay attention to the following times-of-use during the opening months:

April 1st – May 15th   8.00 am – 5.00 pm
May 16th – July 31st   8.00 am – 7.00 pm
August 1st – September 15th    8.00 am – 6.00 pm
September 16th – October 31st   8.00 am – 5.00 pm

Please be especially careful at crossings of forest paths and public roads, as well as trail sections before braking chicanes. Please get off the bike while crossing main routes and roads (marked by signs). The traffic on the paths crossing always goes first. 

The trails may only be ridden in the direction given. Please consider the DIMB trail rules, the fair play rules of the Sachsenforst public enterprise as well as other forestry regulations. 

b) Track sections accessible without user pass

Next to the trails reserved exclusively for mountain biking marked as MTB trails, also forest paths are being used as part of the MTB tracks. These forest paths are accessible by all kind of bicycles according to § 11 para. 1 and 2 Saxon forestry law (SächsWaldG) for recreational purposes. These sections are not closed for pedestrians or other persons seeking recreation and are frequently used by them and the public forestry enterprise.

The Trailcenter Rabenberg emphasizes the importance of the fact that users pay attention and take mutual responsibility.

No fee is required for the use of these routes.