Two Mountains

Difficulty - Medium / Hard
Length - 16,2 KM

The Rabenberg (Raven’s mountain) and the Sauberg (Sow’s mountain) were the namesake force behind this challenging round: after a short ascent at the beginning, it leads to the “Crossed Viper Downhill”: curvy-flowy at the beginning, then more enduro-like for the next two kilometres downhill. Highlights follow such as “The Rock” trail, before you throw yourself into the curve fest of the “Hog Mountain Carousel”. To reward you for the arduous climb back up to the Rabenberg, look forward to the “Final Flow” before reaching the trailhead and refreshments to prep you for the next round.

ROUND IS IDEAL FOR: bikers with stamina – for its rough surface, numerous curves and 550 meters uphill.

Flow Tricky Scale
Flow Technical Scale
2M, BR, TL
Two Mountains Medium / Hard
16,2 km 560 hm 903 m ü. NN
Expert Advice

My favourite portion of the course is right here – Hog Mountain Carrousel – where you just fly from one curve to the next. The Rock is more of a challenge.

Sven – trail master

The Crossed Viper Downhill is a feat in itself, but for enduro types such as myself, it’s just right. And then there’s the ultra-fast Glibber Trail – awesome.

Tobias – TrailCenter crew member

Enchanted in Hunter’s Path, swiftly up the Glibber, curve fest on Hog Mountain, demanding in The Rock – this round has everything that makes trail biking what it is.

Thomas – TrailCenter planner