Black Raven

Difficulty - hard
Length - 26,2 KM

The Trail fireworks with (just about) all highlights in one round: its spectacular start with the “Rollercoaster” and the “Dark Alley” already make you want more. After the second descent with “The Glibber” and “Lake Trail”, it’s time to save your energy in the opposing climb for the long, almost 4 km long, trail passage until right before Erlabrunn: three absolute highlights await you here in the form of the “Stone Garden”, “Kyril Trail” and “Berms & Bumps”. You then pedal back up to the “Crossed Viper Downhill” and to finish, you take the “Summit Trail” to the trailhead for a well-deserved break.

ROUND IDEAL FOR: Bikers with a strong stamina who just can`t get enough of the trails. If the 26km aren’t enough for you, you can insert a detour via the “Hog Mountain Carousel” right after the “Lake Trail”.

Flow Tricky Scale
Flow Technical Scale
2M, BR, TL
Black Raven hard
26,2 km 880 hm 903 m ü. NN
Expert Advice

So where to begin with so many highlights? Berms and Bumps, Rollercoaster, Dark Alley or maybe the Stone Garden? Endlessly varied and yet all quite taxing.

Sven – trail master

It's hard to imagine, but the three uphill parts Blackwater View, Green Deer and Miner's Trail are really fun.

Tobias – TrailCenter crew member

The perfect day tour with scenery and challenging courses but also demanding for your endurance.

Thomas – TrailCenter planner