Border Trail

Difficulty - Medium
Length - 15,8 KM


ROUND IDEAL FOR: those who enjoy single trails and have some basic stamina

ATTENTION: Until the completion of the “Wismut-Downhill”, the course leads to the “Miners Trail” via the “Crossed Viper Downhill”! This portion of the course is more enduro and with roots and such should be categorized as difficult. An alternative route is unfortunately not possible in this area.

Border Trail Medium
15,8 km 450 hm 903 m ü. NN
Expert Advice

Fable Wood and Electric Line on the BorderTrail round are my insider tips in the TrailCenter, no matter how much a struggle they may represent.

Sven – trail master

A pleasantly fluid warm-up, followed by sheer excitement. My favourite round.

Olaf – TrailCenter crew member

The Bordertrail, not being too long, is just right for the upwardly climbers. Its central portion offers quite the challenge in the form of the Crossed Viper Downhill.

Thomas – TrailCenter planner